We decided to treat ourselves to a week off, so we contacted a travel agent and booked a week in Tenerife through Tui Holidays.

Platinum Jubilee

The Queens Platinum Jubilee weekend here in the UK was a huge event. We were fortunate to be able to partake in several activities not only in Pradoe but also at Youlgrave in the Peaks District

Pradoe 2022

We were invited back to Pradoe for another four months helping to look after the gardens around the house. We were last there in 2018.

Summer Roundup 2022

While 2021/22 was a year of lockdowns and restrictions, we did manage to get out and about, albeit being careful about social distancing and mask-wearing.

Spring 2019

Although there have been only a few really nice days so far this spring, we made the most of them and got out and about with family and friends who visited over the school holidays.

February Fun

We said goodbye to the new neighbours at the Belmont apartment. They had made us feel very welcome in the short time we were there.


Paris: What an interesting place. The first thing we noticed after the solitude of the Camino were the people. More precisely tourists, into which category we fitted.

Northern Portugal

We left Porto after a fabulous three days and headed northward towards Spain stopping in Esposende (65km) and tben Caminha (55km) and finally Valença (45km). Link to video clip at bottom of this post (5.06 minutes) or here if you can’t wait.

Our Three Days in Porto

We left the very pleasant accommodation in Espinho called the ”why Not Guest House” heading to Porto, where we had planned to stay two nights. We made a slight change and decided to bike along the coast road. This gave us not only an extra day in Porto but a spectacular ride as well.

Portugal 3

We have arrived in the town of Espinho. This is a beach resort town. Click the link to see our progress up the coast towards Porto.

Pradoe 11

  The last month at Pradoe seems to have flown by.  Check out our photo blog to see what has occupied our time.

Pradoe 10

Time is flying by, we have been at Pradoe for over two months now. Summer is now fully arrived and we are enjoying it


We took the opportunity to go down to London for a few days just because we could. We hope you enjoy our latest photoblog.