Camino day 3 – Larrasoaña to Cirauqui

Alto del Perdón

We had one of the best Pilgrim meals so far. It consisted of a salad and bread followed by a whole roast chicken (for two). This included a bottle of wine and ice cream for dessert. Total cost €12 pp.

The goal today was to get up Alto del Perdón “Where the path of the wind crosses that of the stars”

To get there we had to pass through Pamplona which was quite a challenge due to two different navigation opinions. But after coffee and a roll, we made it.

A third opinion aways helps

With newfound knowledge, we headed up

Rest stop under the wind turbines then up to the top
Monument to villagers lost in the war
Puente la Reina bridge

We dropped down to Puente la Reina and headed over the oft photoed bridge then through to Obanos.


It was on to Cirauqui where we stayed in a nice albergue and another shared meal with fun conversations.

Heading into Cirauqui
Cirauqui – a city on a hill
Room with a view