Camino Days 4 to 6 – Cirauqui to Villambistia

A lovely Mexican lady asked if she could take a photo for us as she thought we looked like a nice couple.

3 days and 136 km across Spain. This is a lovely country to ride through. (The nice weather helps.)

We are getting used to the distances we are able to achieve each day balanced with battery usage. We are finding that we are better starting early, riding for six hours then resting during the heat of the afternoon. The temperatures have been in the mid to high twenties for the last 4 days.

Heading out for the day

The simplistic nature of this little chapel with its amazing acoustics will stay with us for a long time.

We had heard of this wine fountain that has two taps, one for water and the other for red wine. We had to try it…….. It was either red wine vinegar for cooking or nail polish remover.

Church in the centre of the village of Navarrete

The altarpiece is Romanesque in style, carved and covered with gold leaf. This church which was started in about 1553 took over 100 years to complete. It was spectacular in its opulence.

The vineyards that ran on both sides of the Camino track were just too difficult for Ann to ride past. We both had to experience eating grapes straight from the vine.

Ventosa Vineyards
Only way to eat grapes
Special moment as this man sitting under an old olive tree beside the track sang a song for Ann
Stopped for a cold orange juice and came across this grandfather walking the Camino with his one-year-old grandchild (the parents were tagging along)
The Camino just keeps unfolding before us

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  1. Enjoying your photo’s just 30 minutes before loading bikes to head for Arapuke.In rain! Landscape and conditions going to be a sharp contrast!


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