Camino days 7 to 10. – Burgos to Leon (The Meseta)

The Meseta

Quote “The Meseta is the central Spanish tableland, which intersects the Camino Frances between Burgos and Leon. It is a part of Spain known among pilgrims for its wide skies, dry heat and flat lands, all of which mess with perceptions of time and distance.” This is all true. We were pleased to be riding rather than walking the Meseta.

We took a rest day in Burgos to prepare ourselves for the 180-kilometre journey across the infamous Meseta. Walker’s take 8 days (unless, as many do, they catch a bus) we planned to take 4.

City Gate Burgos

We loved Burgos, the cathedral was an extraordinary place to visit.

Burgos Cathedral from the hilltop castle

I took more photos from the inside than I can post here.

Inner courtyard
Alfresco riverside dining
Someone had been waiting here longer than me.

The next morning was overcast so made for ideal riding.

The Meseta as the sun came up
It just keeps going

After completing 40km on the first day on the Meseta and 70km on the second, we felt we could complete the crossing in three days if we could complete another ride of 70+km.

The day started clear, but cold (4°) We managed 25km by 9:00am then stopped for breakfast and a thaw out.

Albergue – Bercianos del Real Camino
Coffee and a sandwich 🥪
and yes it was that good.🥪☕️

We had another stop at 50km and topped up our fluids.

Roadside café & bar at Vallarente

Finally, after 75km, we arrived in Leon. We were there in time to have a look around the famous cathedral before dinner.

Bikes are secured in the hotel lobby.
Leon Cathedral
Absolutely amazing to think this Cathedral was built in the 12th century when Leon only had 5,000 residents.
Mother with Child
Hot ‘n Spicy noodles (courtesy of the hotel) before a little rest.

Meseta Completed

We went out and about after a light tea. What a vibrant city.

People everywhere
Street performers
Gaudi museum
Ann giving Gaudi ideas
Graeme wanting to race about the town.

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  1. Looks fantastic. Keen to hear about it later. We would love to do this some time. Good to see you both looking well. Enjoy. Love. Julie and Alan xx


  2. We ‘did’ most of this camino in 2019, and it’s so wonderful to see these amazing views again. However, we did it by car😹


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