Platinum Jubilee

The Queens Platinum Jubilee weekend here in the UK was a huge event. We were fortunate to be able to partake in several activities not only in Pradoe but also at Youlgrave in the Peaks District

We headed to Youlgrave on Friday morning. This is about 2.5 hours drive northeast of where we are based. We had a delightful drive through the English countryside, passing little villages and hamlets that were centuries old. The stone walls were very reminiscent of the Otago Peninsula.

We had been invited to stay with the parents of my nephew James’ wife , Gen. We joined the family at the Youlgrave Village street party. The main road through the village was closed and set up with tables all joined together.

Youlgrave main street

The whole village gathered in front of the Church for a photograph.

The village photo was taken from the Church tower
James & Graeme
Youlgrave Brassband played outside the old village hall
Ann loved the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

We all went back to Irene & Chris’ home (Gens’ Parents) and sat outside in the sun chatting to the extended family and village friends

Backyard drinks at Irene & Chris’

We were made to feel very welcome and after a comfortable night’s sleep, headed back to Pradoe to help set up for their Jubilee BBQ that night

Monestry lawn all cut
Driveway lawn ready
Gardens played their part
Pradoe Hall ready to party.
Fire beacons were lit at the entrance to the car park.
The rain held off until after midnight

Sunday morning was wet and cold for the cleanup, but no one seemed to mind.


Saturday afternoon drinks on The Terrace

4 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. Wow. It looked glorious in every way. Lucky Smiths❤️! I saw a Corgi puppy yesterday if that counts for anything. It was beyond adorable. Love to you both. And CHEERs, of course! Heather

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  2. Graeme you are building up quite a collection of hat?Or do they go with the job?


  3. Such an amazing experience. Keep up the good work and enjoy your summer. It is freezing over here.


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