Platinum Jubilee

The Queens Platinum Jubilee weekend here in the UK was a huge event. We were fortunate to be able to partake in several activities not only in Pradoe but also at Youlgrave in the Peaks District

Pradoe 2022

We were invited back to Pradoe for another four months helping to look after the gardens around the house. We were last there in 2018.

Pradoe 11

  The last month at Pradoe seems to have flown by.  Check out our photo blog to see what has occupied our time.

Pradoe 10

Time is flying by, we have been at Pradoe for over two months now. Summer is now fully arrived and we are enjoying it


We took the opportunity to go down to London for a few days just because we could. We hope you enjoy our latest photoblog.

Pradoe 8

We are slowly moving into spring with the start of some fine weather. This brings the challenge of cutting the lawns around the farm.

Pradoe 7

It has been a week at home gardening and painting the bathroom with a break to the RAF national museum at Cosford. (click on the image to open post and enlarge)

Pradoe 6

Finished the week with a few tasks at Pradoe then headed to the Peaks District for a long weekend. We were well looked after by Chris and Irene Shimwell. (they are the parents of my nephew James & his wife) (click on the image to open post and enlarge)

Pradoe 5

We are getting into the swing of life here at Pradoe. Here is the next set of images giving you an insight as to what we have been up to. (click on the images to enlarge)

Pradoe 4

Thought it might be of interest to show you some winter photos of the Pradoe grounds (click on photos to enlarge)  

Pradoe 3

These past few days apart from working on the estate, we have visited Chirk Castle, Llangollen Canal, Ironbridge & the village of Much Wenlock. (click on photos to enlarge)

Pradoe 2

We finished off the churchyard before celebrating my birthday with a very nice massaman curry  


Pradoe is an old English manor owned by Andrew and Rachael Kenyon. They open their home to Kiwi’s on a regular basis