We took the opportunity to go down to London for a few days just because we could.

We hope you enjoy our latest photoblog.

Our very humble basic bedsit in Willesden Green.  We had to wait to get the key from the agent.

We headed off following the colour coded underground and quickly found our way around the centre city. First stop, the eye.

This was as close as we got to number 10.

Trafalgar square was impressive.

The Beefeater was perfectly in character as he guided us around the tower.

As many of you will know you can get a bit “castled” out as you explore England, BUT this tower was beautifully maintained and if you just want to see one castle, then this needs to be it.

The traitor’s gate ensures there is no escape.

Tower bridge was equally impressive.

SO we dined on the south bank and watched the Thames at work.

(Click on the photo to see video)

We have a mindful, restful time as we settled in to participate in  Evensong at Westminster Abbey.

Seeing Wicked at Westend concluded our third special day. Ann noticed the contrast between the Broadway production, with its all American spin and the English cast, who expressed the British cultural worldview and humour.

Three days and we are Underground Masters. NOT!
 Our final day had to include a visit to drop in on Lizzie. She was not available for tea but we enjoyed viewing her home.

It was nice to see a small touch from home. NZ gave Queen Victoria a lion and a muscular man wearing an apron and holding the mallet and carrying a scroll. He was supposed to represent manufacturing.

The magnificent gates to Green Park. As it was a nice day we walked the green spaces back to the central city.

As we made our way through Hyde park we came across the household cavalry out practising drills. We were so close we could have touched them.

(Click on the photo to see video)

Our visit finished with a quick look at Kensington Palace and Diana’s fountain and playground.

The  Kensington sunken gardens were stunning.

Ann browsed Harrods food halls while Graeme enjoyed Coffee at Starbucks

Looking at “Herods” as he called it was not his idea of entertainment.




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