Pradoe 10

Time is flying by, we have been at Pradoe for over two months now. Summer is now fully arrived and we are enjoying it

The Terrace has become a regular meeting place for 6.30 drinks after busy days

Ann loves the kitchen garden and will spend some time in here most days.

We find it very pleasant to walk across the paddock and down the English country lane to the Pradoe Church service on Sunday mornings.

We have the use of a car while we are here. Ann is heading down the drive into Oswestry which is 7 miles away for the groceries.

The garden open day meant the week prior was a busy time ensuring the grounds were looking their best for visitors.


Our Niece Caitlin, from Brisbane who is on a tour of the UK came to stay for a few days. We had her working in the woods dragging wood to the burn pile. We also took a drive to Chester and spent a day at Chester Zoo.


Finished the week with a task I never thought I would ever have to undertake. A churchyard plot had subsided quite significantly and I was asked if I could rectify the problem. First had to remove the turf then add 6 wheelbarrow loads of fill, compress then replace the turf.
It took 4 hours but I got the job done in time for drinks on the terrace.


Until next time: Cheers




6 thoughts on “Pradoe 10

  1. Looks a nice mix if physical effort and social leisure time and new places to visit. Pradoe looking lovely as summer advances. Have you seen any foxes, squirrels or badgers on your estate? Looks like a great place to be.


    1. We are enjoying the summer here. There a plenty of squirrels running everywhere. There are foxes and badgers here but mostly out at night.


  2. Looks wonderful great gardens and village life. Enjoy the physical work and pace of life. Hope all good .Julie and Alan xx

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