Pradoe 9

Settling into a routine for activities that keep us happy and busy. Graeme worked with Andrew to rehinge and hang a gate between the wood and the park. Not something he has had a lot of practice doing. FAB21827-4DD7-4521-A1EA-B9A028C0BDEF.jpeg

The monastery garden needed a bit of attention now we are heading into spring. It is also a quiet place to stop for a mid-morning coffee.F6D2BB33-D5ED-4C7B-A58F-D790937DBF8E4F651E28-0FFA-46B8-BAFD-8283ABD90186An old cherry tree had been brought down by the wind in a recent storm. It had landed on a fence causing it to come away from the posts. Graeme got out the chainsaw and proceeded to remove the offending tree then repaired the fence to ensure it was sheep proof. He then enlisted Ann’s help as they removed some dead wood from an old elm tree that had also come down in the storm.10627979-5B08-431E-B18E-CB42818DBE81F1D19C71-0C2C-4198-A3B6-B0D7C45B2BCA1384E6AD-DDE4-4B0F-9830-6F18F6D19976

Here it a tree fella in action.

Ann still loves to take Inca out into the garden.3A9D3C85-DB7B-4CE1-8711-0AA1B613F21E

Rossy has been the housekeeper at Pradoe for 30+ years

We had another dull day so headed off to the market town of Ludlow an hours drive away. (pop. 11,000) There we visited the church of St Laurence. It was originally constructed in 1089 and extended over time.

The town is also well known for its large castle ruins. We were fascinated by the size of the castle and spent some time exploring it before Graeme retired to the local coffee shop, while Ann checked out the shops.15683CDB-A495-41AF-9860-A7D26F3CC83B.jpeg


3 thoughts on “Pradoe 9

  1. Some interesting challenges for you both. Those old castles are fascinating and often with clever solutions to water supply and the like.

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  2. Great to see you are hard at work and having fun exploring the local area. You are visiting places we did not know existed.
    Glad to see you put the buckets over the rhubarb as it takes a lot longer to grow than is does in NZ.
    Hope you get some better and warmer weather

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