Pradoe 3

These past few days apart from working on the estate, we have visited Chirk Castle, Llangollen Canal, Ironbridge & the village of Much Wenlock.

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We drove the 19 miles from West Felton, the little village on the edge of Pradoe Estate, to Chirk without getting lost. I have two navigational systems to ensure we will always reach the desired destination. The first is “Map-Me” and the second is “Trust-Me” (Ann)

Chirk Castle was completed in 1310  and is sited on the Welsh-English border. It is surrounded by 5.5 acres of amazing gardens.

The main entrance to Chirk Castle. You can see where the drawbridge was raised and lowered.

Dungeon steps

Chirk Castle

Chirk Aqueduct on the Llangollen Canel over the river Ceiriog. On one side is Wales on the other England.

We walked through the 1/2 mile long canal boat tunnel using only our phones for light.

We spent a day cleaning up the War Museum which had been left to the spiders and bats over the winter.

Ann moving the cannonballs
Coffee break

Tuesday was a day off so we headed off to Ironbridge, this is the birthplace of the industrial revolution. The bridge was the first iron bridge in the world. It was opened in 1781.  From there we visited the village of Much Wenlock.

This is the Ironbridge we went to see ………….
………. and this is what we saw. The bridge covered up for major repairs. Will be like this for another 18 months.

 The village of Ironbridge was worth the visit

A few miles away is the Village of Much Wenlock, it was an easy drive using the dual navigational system.

We stopped at the Gaskell Arms pub for lunch and a larger.



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  1. Along time ago with my girls clogging through the canal tunnels was available.Hope you are enjoying your new vocation .


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