Pradoe 7

It has been a week at home gardening and painting the bathroom with a break to the RAF national museum at Cosford.

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Round the end of the cucumber patch, whom should he meet but….. Ann with a camera. Have you seen Mr McGregor?

Graeme spent a Sunday afternoon in pyromania land There were heaps and heaps of wood and debris to be burned.

The Monastery garden is all ready to burst into bloom.

On our one fine day, I stripped off as I  gathered tons of fallen branches in the woods. The heavy Autumn snow played havoc with many trees.

Wood Stack for the home fires.

Inca is a delightful young spaniel. She is very good at obeying in the house. BUT outside she is very focused on the game. She was in disgrace the other day as she captured and killed a duck.

Graeme is so enjoying pottering around the property on “Punch” the 1951 Series 1 landrover.

I have not forgotten how to double the clutch to keep this old lady moving through her gears.

Graeme spent a couple of days preparing and painting the bell flat bathroom. Ann was the painters assistant.

A tank called Ann at the Cosford RAF museum. This was an amazing place.

Ann learning how to fly. The aim of the game is to stay level and not crash the Spitfire.  Cosford RAF museum

Oswestry, where even the farmers bring their tractors to town.

Ride-on mower finally arrived. Graeme now has another new toy.

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