Pradoe is an old English manor owned by Andrew and Rachael Kenyon. They open their home to Kiwi’s on a regular basis

We arrived in on Monday 5 March 2018 just after a heavy snowstorm had passed over the district. 

Interesting start to our time here with Emirates losing one bag in Dubai. Looking forward to being able to have a change of clothes.

We decided to test our navigational skills and headed down the A5 into Shrewsbury. Had a lovely afternoon exploring the old part of the town before heading back to Pradoe. Managed to sort out new SIM cards for our phones to ensure we could still access the internet and remain linked to the outside world.

This morning Andrew showed Ann & I around the farm buildings. This included the old dairy, war museum and the brewers shed. He then took us to the old Pradoe Church and “suggested” that as next Sunday was Mothering Sunday that we might consider having a go at cleaning up the cemetery after the winter storms. We did and it was a very pleasant task in the sunshine.  We filled a small high-sided trailer with leaves and now have to find out which part of the forest we have to dump them.

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