Tapapakanga Regional Park

This is the third year Philip & Andree, Richard & Sharon and Ann & Graeme have spent Auckland Anniversary weekend staying in Regional Park houses enjoying walks during the day and games in the evenings

The Bach at Tapapakanga Regional Park is a 3 bedroom farmhouse that overlooks the park       – (click heading to open)

50 minutes drive from Auckland


Welcome. Ready for a great weekend
We followed the Creek down to the beach
We weren’t sure if we would make it as the creek seemed to disappear before it rounded a corner to the beach


Croquet on the front lawn
Drinks break
Whats on the menu
Good company
Sharon & Ann. Let’s see what happens if you lie down in the paddock with the cows. I’ve read somewhere that they won’t walk on you.
Very satisfied ……… Ready for the next day at Tapapakanga Beach





Ann & Graeme
Richard & Sharon
Andree & Philip
The official Team photo
Andree deciding not to go swimming


Lunchtime at the beach
This gnarly old tree gave us good shelter from the sun
Checking up on the score of the Australian Tenis Open