Pradoe 11


The last month at Pradoe seems to have flown by.  Check out our photo blog to see what has occupied our time.
It was back to the lawns and drive at Pradoe and the churchyard.

The road was washed out due to a burst irrigation pipe so Ann had to find an alternative route back to the farm via the overgrown wood.

Ann rescued a baby great tit from the family cat. she was able to feed it for a few days then release it into the wood once it could fly.

We visited the British Iron Works which is just down the road and were fascinated by what they can do with iron.


A few bigger tasks had to be tackled but it was all part of the amazing time we have had here at Pradoe

We went up to Nottingham for the day found the oldest pub in the UK

We had James & Gen and Irene & Chris come and check out what we have been up to over the past months.

A trip to Liverpool for a day was something we had wanted to do while we were here.

Tom had his birthday where some of his mates came over for a pizza dinner before spending the night camped in the woods. Graeme had to show his camping skill to get a fire going to toast the marshmallows.

 Toms drone got crashed into an old oak tree. The highlight of the weekend for the boys was the process of getting it down. This event was followed the next day by the Annual Pradoe Garden Party. This is a fundraiser for the Pradoe church. It was a really fun event enjoyed by all who came along.

We will miss this place.



5 thoughts on “Pradoe 11

  1. It really is fun to ‘follow’ you two; complete strangers who have entered our life. It’d be so great to meet you ourside the virtual world. Isn’t there a tiny chance of realising this?


  2. A great summary of your time at Pradoe and we have enjoyed joining you on your travels. Have a good time on the canal boat. Your Dad came home from hospital on Tues and is looking good although gets tired easily.


  3. You appear to have enjoyed your time at Pradoe and a different way of life. Your experience may have planted a few seeds for what you may do in the future. Look forward to catching up in Manchester.


  4. So glad you have enjoyed yourselves in England.Must have a catch up on your return


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