Christmas & New Year with Family & Friends

This is a snapshot of how we spent the summer holidays this year.

Loaded up the bikes and headed to Palmerston North Stopping in Taupo on our way through.
Hot water creek at Spa Park Taupo

We arrived in time to have Christmas Eve with the Kings

We started our Christmas day with the now traditional Titutimu tucker. This is breakfast of pancakes with bacon, maple syrup, and cream.

We were then joined by the rest of the family for sharing of gifts

Andy, Rach & Cath
Jake is into Harry Potter
Cousins having a good time.

Dan got an “A-Salt” gun for dissuading the flies in the house. Just the right thing for a policeman.

The father-in-law has been replaced on the BBQ
Cousins Olivia & Tilly

Then it was down to the river with the bikes all following Grandma on a Christmas afternoon ride along the Manawatu River Cycleway.

The whole Team.

Over the next few days, we joined family and friends for meals and outings. The first was a trip to the Levin Adventure Park. Although it was a bit wet the kids all seemed to have fun.

Lunch at the Kings.

We took Lylah & Tilly out to Stoney Creek Road where Bruce & Jill were in residence along with cats, dogs, chickens sheep & frogs.

Lylah with a chicken called Hot and Spicey.
Spot the frog
Dogs just want to have fun
Lylah & Tilly
Cuddly Rabbits

Sneaky look to see who’s coming

Andy and the Kids went camping out at Ashhurst

The only chance to charge technology was when you did the dishes in the camp kitchen.

Lucy & Olivia on the slackline
Even Grandma had a go

We biked to Ashhurst.
Tunnels at North Head
Disappearing Gun North Head
North Head
Cath & Esme at Narrowneck Beach

Jake sliding on cardboard on North Head.

SkyTower was the adventure today

Green screen Fun
Green Sreen Fun
Freshly caught fish for lunch
Fun in the city

Ferry ride to Devonport

Iceblocks at Devonport
Swimming at Cheltnam Beach

Shower time to clean off the sand



2 thoughts on “Christmas & New Year with Family & Friends

  1. Happy new year Ann and Graeme . May 2019 bring an exciting new start in so many ways for you both. New jobs, new place, new friends, a new and hopefully even more relaxing lifestyle and many more new ventures in your bikes .
    You’ll be greatly missed here in Auckland …..but another friend to visit elsewhere in the country for me now.
    Wishing you both all of the very best and may the sun always shine on your backs. Lots of love


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