Last few days on the Camino

We thoroughly enjoyed the last few days coming into Santiago de Compostela.

B09163BF-FF3F-48AF-A739-83F2511B22F1Yellow arrows were more frequent as we travelled north, as were the number of pilgrims.

1F5A9078-3A27-4199-853C-7B3DF51923C2We mainly stayed in private hostels but occasionally when there was nothing left we used the albergues.

C7628C9F-83FF-465F-8BAD-47B8AFA3DE87We passed many well-disciplined groups of European scouts, some kids quite young maybe 9-11 yrs.. They walked long daily distances mostly in great spirits. We only came across one group of stragglers who were lying down on the bitumen of a small forestry road. They were immovable to my suggestions that a logging truck would flatten them even more.

5EEA2AC2-A9D5-412D-AFB8-219BB6E6959CWe pushed the last kilometres as it was very busy.

AF3139F1-D126-44D4-B6AE-F50B6FF80A68Much is made of the story of St James bones being bought to Galacia and the rare possibility that his bones ended up here and being carried to Santiago de Compostela. They were supposedly held in this coffin.

We were two of the 1524 that arrived that day. Due to the high numbers, they hold a second mass at 7.30pm which we managed to attend.

Here is a clip of our view of the botafumeiro

5D6C9D78-7016-43CB-B905-124A69D4AE86We met another couple of Kiwis who were also cycling. We kept bumping into them so arranged to meet for a celebratory meal in Santiago. We had tons of fun together.


Before we left Santiago we wanted to take the journey to the end of the known Roman world. Finisterre or Fisteria. The day was hot and clear and we had unforgettable vistas of the northern Galician coast.

1A735531-8E80-46DC-82E8-7F4A93D7E41BOne of the many Roman bridges.

AEFEC5D0-3962-4865-89D6-716B46E382EFOld village with water-powered mills that used to grind the corn.

257340A3-6383-462A-8574-3AA69F396B2AWe became very good at spotting the waymarkers. They weren’t always as easy as this one.

475289A7-55DA-4CEC-BB5C-04B3ED125F3DThe Ezaro Falls are dramatic as they plummet from high granite crags to drop into the Atlantic.




126633C5-BC1D-4104-9621-01ED9702ED68We could see similarities between here and central Otago.

6AD9407E-DE04-4BE0-97E2-89E980F12F30Finisterre was dramatic and moving as pilgrims who had walked the last 80+ km from Santiago struggled up the last long incline.


F199FC57-33BE-47A8-91B3-F44474BEE853Where the movie The Way ends




2C59899F-E8DC-4237-80A7-7B509A3C70F4The dramatic monument that recognised the thousands of volunteers who came to this coast to help clear up the massive oil spill that followed the Mirador disaster in 2002.

Click here for the video clip of Finistere (3.60 minutes)



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  1. What an Incredible journey from inside, spiritually and outside, sights and sites visited. An experience and holiday never to be forgotten ….have loved seeing and being part of your dream ….enjoy anx .thanks for sharing

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